Pleasant Mound United Methodist Church
Monday, June 24, 2024
Partnering to Strengthen Our Community Through the Transformational Power of Jesus Christ


At Pleasant Mound United Methodist Church, we want to connect with you and provide you with resources that deepen your relationship with Christ, that enrich your life, and that help you with whatever season of life you are in. This is part of our "ministry" to you, our neighbor. On this page you will find information that will connect you to community resources that you and your family may need.

We realize life brings good times and hard times for everyone. At Pleasant Mound United Methodist Church, we support and care for one another through the tough times. We know that ministry is not just the work of the pastor, but is part of every member’s commitment to God. We work constantly to help people deal with grief, divorce, marriage, child rearing, addictions, health challenges and all the other challenges we face as human beings.  We believe that there is a place for everyone at Pleasant Mound United Methodist Church. As it pertains to groups and activities, if you do not find a place that you feel like you can be yourself and fit in; we will make a place for you.


 Free ESL classes
Church Library
Wedding Information
Facility Reservations
Community Events

Outreach Services

 Food bank referrals
For more information on resources and church outreach program give us a call.