Pleasant Mound United Methodist Church
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Partnering to Strengthen Our Community Through the Transformational Power of Jesus Christ
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At Pleasant Mound United Methodist Church, we want to connect with you and provide you with resources that deepen your relationship with Christ, that enrich your life, and that help you with whatever season of life you are in. This is part of our "ministry" to you, our neighbor. On this page you will find resources ranging from how to slow down and find time for yourself in the busyness of life to connecting you to community resources that you and your family need.


Have you ever found yourself wanting to talk to God and you suddenly became speechless? You had some things that you wanted to pray about, things that you were hoping God would answer, yet trying to figure out what to say or more simply, how to pray, seemed like such a challenge. Prayer is our way of talking to God. Think of it as having a conversation and telling God what's on your heart and mind. God desires to hear from us. Consider these steps to prayer if you are finding it scary or challenging to pray:

(1) Start your day by asking God to guide your day. Prayer is about sharing your life with God. What better way to share your life than to begin each morning by talking to God and asking God to set the course for your day.
(2) Consider the people in your life and what things they are in need of. Talk to God on their behalf and ask God to supply their needs.
(3) If there are things that you have been struggling with, things that have kept you up at night or have caused you to worry and have great concern, share those things with God. Just openly express to God what's on your heart.  Click here for additional resources on prayer.


Finding time in your day to spend quiet moments with God can seem impossible. Whether it's carving out a place in your hectic schedule or simply finding a starting place, consider beginning your morning or ending your day reading personal reflections from people just like you who have found a way to weave God's word into their day.

Bible Study

Exploring God's word is rewarding. The Bible is vital to our faith and life. It is the story of the one God who stands in covenant relationship with the people of God. God speaks to us, God's people, through the Holy Scriptures. The United Methodists incorporate the Bible into our daily lives. We read from the Bible during congregational worship services.  Through preaching, we interpret its messages for our lives. Together we grow in our faith and relationship with God by studying the Bible and exploring all the ways in which God is talking to us about our lives and our current situations. To get started, follow The United Methodist Church's calendar of weekly Bible passages at These passages are part of our lectionary - Holy Scriptures that are assigned to be read on particular days of the year.